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Win A Diamond Gold Poker T-Shirt or Jacket!

Take your randomly printed promo ticket to the Players Club for a free t-shirt.
Collect 4 tickets and exchange them for a jacket.

Participating Locations

Concho Travel Center

7751 N Highway 81
Concho, OK 73022
(405) 422-6500


20413 HWY 33
Hammon, OK 73650
(580) 473-2010


301 NW Lake Rd
Canton, OK 73724
(580) 886-2490


How to Play

Multiple Chances to Press Up Your bet!

Press “Deal” to place your initial bet.

Cards are revealed in several stages.
Press “YES”: If you like how your hand is progressing. Your bet increases.
Press “NO”: Your bet stays the same.

Continue through each stage until the final card is revealed.
The win total is determined by the pay table and the total amount of your final bet.